IG Iray Essentials – Arabella 7

IG Iray Essentials - Arabella 7

Breath some new life into your Library and add a little Iray magic to the content you already own. IG Iray Essentials brings you high quality custom Iray materials for your Daz Figures. Give your Arabella 7 Character a little Uber Iray boost with these simple, easy to use, one click solutions. But wait, you say you already have Iray materials for your Arabella 7 Character? Not quite like these you don’t. These material settings have been designed to blend seamlessly with any other IG Iray Essentials character or materials (or just about any other character that has been auto-converted to Iray) while giving you the highest quality results.

IG Iray Essentials – Arabella 7

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