Architectural Lighting Rig

Architectural Lighting Rig

Architectural Lighting Rig is a wide variety of lights that are parented to a non-rendering prop that can easily be scaled to fit any interior or exterior structure. Did you just buy a new scene and can’t wait to explore it, but the lights are out? Have a previously made scene where the figure is lit perfectly but the background and foreground lack light and shadow depth?

ALR makes it easy to light a whole scene by positioning 18 architectural lights at once. Consider ALR a portrait light set for architecture. Five wide-angle cameras are also parented to the rig so that once it’s scaled to perfection, you can quickly experience the best points of view.

To compliment the lights of ALR two adjustment shaders have been included to enhance polished stone/tile and semigloss wood surfaces. These shaders do not include maps and only affect gloss, specular, and reflection channels.

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