Colour Therapy Shanda

Colour Therapy: Shanda
Get your DS 4.8 render on, with 30 BRAND NEW Shader Materials for Shanda Hair by Lady Littlefox on sale here at RDNA.
This top selling product goes IRAY in shades of rich, deep, light, muted color, whatever your choice, there is a color, and an adjuster material just for you.

We chose a balance, and a good one, a little shine, a little gloss, a little translucency, proper usage of cutout opacity, and added 30 beautiful colors. We used base color, transparency, and gloss, to play around with color, and how light affects color. In some cases, we were able to use other more advanced settings to push the envelope on the hair color even further. By testing and testing these components, changing colors, changing settings, we came up with just the right amount of everything.

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