Y’vas Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

Y’vas, Your Versatile Adventuring Suit, was created with customizability in mind. Not only you can mix and match the various pieces and their hide-options, you can customize it to your heart’s content with the props included.

Whatever the adventurer you want to gear up: Y’vas is there for you!

We included 7 different props: book, potion, pouch, vial, simple button, symbol and symbol + chain. All of them can be loaded in all the 24 slots Y’vas clothes feature.

Mix the props as you like to better characterize your adventuress. Is she a cleric loaded with healing and blessing vials and perhaps a couple of curse potions? Is she a Wizard bringing her portable tomes always with her together with a pair of potions and powerful symbols? Is she a Fighter who needs susteinance after running head-first into battle? Whatever her role, Y’vas can provide the right props for the best outcome.

Gorget, Sleeves, Belt and Boots all include props & slots where you can load any of the seven props included and gear your adventurer up just as you like.

Simply select the piece of clothing, go to the corresponding folder and the props will load in the proper place. We saved the props with random styles so that they do not load with the same style, you can always change the style to create a theme, just select the prop and click on the MAT you like

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