The Prize Fighter

The Prize Fighter! The name says it all: attractive, sexy, delicious, luscious, exquisite…add dangerous and sensual and you have the perfect description of this all new outfit for Pretty Base IV, Kaileena, V4, G4 and A4.

The Prize Fighter was designed to give you high quality mesh models along with multiple dynamic morphs allowing each individual part of the outfit to follow each sassy step V4 takes.

The outfit composed of cool slinky ragged top and sexy hotpants besides detailed boxing boots and gloves.

Models in this pack are modelled as high quality but low polygons as not to strain your pc allowing you to use high realism without loosing any performance.

Product Requirements: Poser 5 and upper. Daz’s Victoria 4 (All versions). Optional; Aiko4, The Girl 4, PBIV, Kaileena.

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