Hot Uniforms Maid

The Hot Uniforms Maid product is the third in a series of new products from Pretty3D. Designed specifically for Victoria 4, the maid outfit is a complete conforming outfit that includes a dress, panty, leg and arm bands, choker, socks, shoes, two headpieces and feather dusters, plus morphs to make the model easier to pose. This product also supports Aiko 4, the Girl 4, V4 Elite, Pretty Base IV, and Kaileena

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  1. evangeline 6 years ago

    Thank you

  2. soylentpurple 5 years ago

    Links are dead, can you re-up

  3. asgoroth 4 years ago

    Thank you

  4. arcfault 3 years ago

    Could this be re-uploaded please? Thanks.

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