Arkham Angel

Arkham Angel
Through the dark streets of Arkham where the walls could whisper at you of the many mysterious deeds they have witnessed (and sometimes they do… or you think they do) you may be surprised to find an angel walking down the alleys and the cobblestone back lanes… not your average angel though.

Arkham Angel is a wonderfully detailed set of stylish clothes that can easily be customized by mixing and matching the various pieces and by using the various hide morphs each piece sports.
Two lusciously detailed styles complement and high quality package. You can either keep it more “simple”, with the classic leather and fabric Arkham Angel style or turn it into a heavily industrial set wit the subject 05 style.
Whatever style you choose and mix it will just feel real and look wonderful in any application!
The skirt also features 8 bones to quickly and easily fit and move it to match your character pose.
Be inspired and have fun!

Arkham Angel

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