Tribal Fury Henna for Genesis 3 and 8 with Bonus Character

Tribal Fury is a henna pack for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s) with a Bonus character, Pix Darga.

The Tribal Fury henna pack contains 20 L.I.E. presets that can be used for a wide array of Genesis 3 and 8 characters. The face paints can be applied for the Genesis 3 and 8 Males as well as the mid-front torso body paint. These tribal body paints have dark and light options. The henna designs can be customized with the Layer Image Editor.

This set also includes a bonus Genesis 8 Female character, Pix Darga. She comes with 4 detailed face paint options, 4 full tribal body paint, 4 options for the arms and legs and 2 torso skin options plus remove painted mats. She also comes with a full mat base skin, 7 eye colors, 3 eye reflections, 6 subtle eyeshadows, 6 lip colors and 4 eyelash options.

This is a must-have, and a perfect set for warriors, skilled fighters or fantasy soldiers. Take your adventure art to the next level.

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