Saoirse HD for Genesis 8 Female

Saoirse (pronounced Sear-Sha) is a strong and modern woman. Her name means ‘freedom’ or ‘Liberty’. She is glamorous yet gentle, but she can also be sophisticated and even fierce.

Saoirse comes in three beautiful skin tones, mid-toned, pale and tanned, complete with three levels of shine and is suitable for all situations. Eight makeup options ranging from very light to heavy, five dynamic eye colors, six lips with two gloss options and 10 nail colors. Saoirse can have the perfect look at any time.

Saoirse’s custom face comes in HD and each face material comes with a ‘No-Brows’ option for use with any fibermesh brow that you have in your content library.

Saoirse HD is for Iray only.

  1. meikisan 4 months ago

    Wonderful. That’s true beauty – thank you for the post, and Happy Easter! 🙂

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