Name: Pix-Alondra
Age: 25-30
Characteristics: Agile, quick-witted, highly-disciplined, reasonable and determined
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Skills: Martial arts, computer and networking, deception skills, superior knowledge of weaponry
Weapons: Pepper sprays, tasers, batons, sniper rifle, pistol, nunchaku, hunting knife
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Culture: Nomad
Environment: Urban

Hair: SAV Alpha Scalp, SAV Alpha Moikanaki Hair, Addon For Alpha Scalp by StudioArtVartanian, Cleon Hair, Kybele Hair by Mairy & 3Dream (Renderosity), Sharon Hairstyle by Neftis (DAZ)
Clothing: The Wanderer by Esha, X8A01, The Outlander, Arkham Angel, Ava Adore, Xenon by Aeon Soul, Fierce Enigma & Border Max, Welder Girl, Tool Girl by BadKittehCo (RuntimeDNA)
Props: Venus2813 Pernicious Gun by Chucknepo (Renderosity), Syntax Earring by Inception8 (RuntimeDNA)

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