Myeong for Genesis 8 Female

Myeong is a beautiful young Chinese woman, with her extraordinary beauty and a strongly defined head. Myeong comes to you today in the new Genesis 8 figure. Myeong’s beautiful skin, teeth of a pearly whiteness and her large brown eyes, tempered by the most attractive defined figure comes to you today in beautiful HD textures (4096 x 4096) boasting 11 Eye colours, 10 Make-up options, 10 Lip colours and 10 Nail and Toenail options. She is ready for all occasions and she will quickly captivate you with her renders.

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  1. boyenlil 5 months ago

    Archive error. Please repost if possible.

  2. boyenlil 5 months ago

    Downloaded it twice. WinRAR reports damaged or unknown format error.

    • Author 5 months ago

      hello, downloaded, unpacked, no erro detected. 🙁

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