Maxim HD for Michael 6

Maxim HD for Michael 6

Maxim HD for Michael 6
Maximiliano, or Maxim, is looking to bring a little hotness to your renders!

Maxim HD for Michael 6 includes six custom head morphs and three custom body shapes, with HD morphs for each body shape to add extra details.

Based on the Michael 6 UV, Maxim’s textures are based on reference material provided by Antonio Rodriguez (ProFotograf) from a custom photo shoot of a Portuguese male model. The textures are high resolution and feature non-mirrored areas, such as in the hand and feet. You will not find these photo references used on any other Genesis character in the marketplace. They are 100% unique to this character. Options include different facial hair options as well as grey and dark head hair, arm tattoo and leg birthmark.

Default and HSS shaders are included, as well as support for Poser SSS.

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