Dial-a-Girl: Genesis 3 Female(s) Edition

Dial-a-Girl Genesis 3 Female(s) Edition

Dial-a-Girl: Genesis 3 Female(s) Edition
As well as six new dial-spun characters, lovingly created from photographic references, you also get eleven characters from Budapest Express and Tokyo Edition to use on your Genesis 3 Female figures. Take advantage of the best out-of-the-box realism with Genesis 3 Female(s).

All characters are split into ten preset categories: whole character, body, breasts, head, eyes, brow, cheeks, jaw, mouth and nose presets. With seventeen characters included in this product, that’s a total of 170 presets to mix and match!

Make the most of your Genesis 3 Female Head and Body Morphs with this easy to use and comprehensive shaping preset system. Use these presets as a starting point for your own tweaks, or in conjunction with head and body sculpted morphs from your favorite characters.

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