Beautiful Skin Iray Genesis 3 Female(s)

Beautiful Skin Iray Genesis 3 Female(s)
Get the most beautiful skin for your Genesis 3 Female quickly and easily!

This set for Genesis 3 Female(s) supports the Base and Victoria 7 UVs with custom specular, top coat, transparency, and detailed normal maps that apply in one click over your existing materials for fast, beautiful Iray skin. Presets are included to show off your skins at their best at various specular and bump settings, plus full presets for different tints and colorful skins!

Unique to this Genesis 3 set, there are also two options for every preset, Scatter Only and Scatter Transmit; these reflect values of the translucency. Scatter Transmit is for very pale, translucent skins, increasing the visibility of veins and underlying features in the way that real skins have when they are very pale. Scatter Only is ideal for skins in the mid and darker tonal range.

This set also comes with a bonus eyebrow conformer, with morphs to allow you to fit it over any existing textured eyebrows.

Nothing makes it easier to get great-looking characters fast in Iray than Beautiful Skins Iray!

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