Ayo for Genesis 3 Male

Ayo for Genesis 3 Male
Meet Ayo, a handsome black bad boy for your Genesis 3 Males.

His head and body are custom morphed, and he comes complete with fiberhair eyebrows, beard, stubble, chest and genital hair for added realism in your renders. (The hairs can also be used on your other G3M characters).

He comes with four face options: No scars, a brow scar, full face scars, and a ‘youthful skin face’ for younger characters.
He has four eye colour options, including one blind eye setting, and genital mats for both circumcised and uncircumcised styles.
Using the base male UV, he only requires the free G3M base to work (Except for the genital prop).
Daz Studio 4.9, Legacy Iray and 3Delight optimised Skin materials are provided.
He also has two tattoos. These used the layered image editor and will work on any character using the base G3M UV.
You can render Ayo as is, or mix his morphs with your other G3 Male figures for unlimited variety.

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