Digital Tutors – Modeling Realistic Trees with SpeedTree

In this SpeedTree tutorial we’ll learn to model a realistic 3D tree from the ground up. Realistic foliage is an essential component for the creation of a believable outdoor environment. SpreedTree is a powerful tool that specializes in perfecting your foliage and trees to bring them closer to that realistic look you desire.

By the end of this SpeedTree tutorial, you’ll have a good understanding of the program’s parametric tree creation toolset, which will enable you to create natural looking trees of all shapes and sizes.

Lessons in this tutorial

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Building a basic tree from scratch
3. Adding texture
4. Refining the trunk
5. Adjusting the branches
6. Refining the secondary branches
7. Generating leaves
8. Reshaping branches
9. Re-routing the roots
10.Cleaning up the tree with Node Editing
11.Creating low res trees
12.Making random variations

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smooth POSE tut

smooth POSE tut

smooth POSE tut
smooth POSE tut is a set of video tutorials that teaches you how to quickly and easily smooth any posed figure with Poser’s morph tool. To follow along with these videos you must have Poser version 8 or higher.

Add realism and style to you images – Never again finish a picture only to have that certain spot on the model
bother you! This covers smoothing and enhancement for the model and clothing, for smoother more realistic fits. By the time you are done with the videos, I’m sure you’ll be an expert!

Fix joint issues in minutes, easily!

What’s included:
Video 1- Introduction to Poser’s morphing tool – covers settings, dos and don’t s, tips and tricks
Video 2- Touch Ups and realism
Video 3- Upper body and clothing
Video 4- Now we combine all of our skills to smooth a character quickly and easily.
This video is meant to be an example of how easy the process can be.

Combined all 4 videos are 30 minutes of training
2 sample poses for V4 are included for practice

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Subsurface Shader Basics

Subsurface Shader Basics

Subsurface Shader Basics
This 20 minute video covers all the necessary, but tricky, aspects of DAZ Studio’s subsurface shader.

Sections covered:

Render settings
Basic lighting
Applying the shader
Subsurface Shading Rate
Subsurface Shading Scale
Pre-Subsurface Diffuse
Post-Subsurface Diffuse
Troubleshooting Shading Rate
Subsurface Group ID
Running time 21 minutes – in Full HD.

SV Poser for Beginners Tutorial

SV Poser for Beginners Tutorial
Get asked a lot how to get started in Poser, where to begin, how to load V4, how to add clothing, hair, accessories, how to render, what my render settings are and MORE. Now all of those questions are answered right here.

In the “Poser for Beginners Tutorial” I cover everything from my own installation settings to my own runtime organization. I go over loading V4, injecting characters, applying MAT poses, adding hair, clothing, making adjustments, fitting, conforming, applying a pose, rendering, render settings, material room basics, lighting basics, and so much more.

Everything you need to get started in Poser and creating your very own renders and artworks is in these 95 pages.
Every step I take to set up my scene and render.
Every. Single. Step.
Full color with screen shots and explanations.
Here is what you get:
95 Page Full Color Tutorial Files in both DOC/PDF

I discuss content, installation of content, some popular figures and their morphs. Quick tips, tricks, and reference sections, search for the answers no more, its all in one place!
Think you know it all? Maybe you do, maybe you are just curious how I work?! Coming back from a break from Poser and need a refresher? This will get you on the right track!
This Tutorial was designed for Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012 but much of the basic principles remain the same dating back to versions 5+ (initial set up may be different in older versions)