Olympia 6 Pro Bundle

Olympia 6 Pro Bundle

Olympia 6 Pro Bundle
Olympia 6
Olympia 6 Starter Bundle
Jungle Girl for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Winston Dress for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Warrior Goddess Poses for Olympia 6
Thalia Hair
Tooth and Bone: Savage Accessories for Genesis 2 Female(s)
FW Diana
Prehistoric Princess for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Rose Thorn for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Simply Olympia Poses
Boudoir Poses for Olympia 6
Persephone Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Jewell Hair
Genesis 2 Female Genitalia
Some key advancements with the Genesis 2 include:

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Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle

Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle
Bring variety to your Victoria 4 renders with the V4 Professional Bundle. In addition to the full Victoria 4 model with all of her morphs this super value bundle includes poses, hair models, high resolution skin textures, full characters, clothing and more! It’s time to take Victoria 4 to the next level.

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Aiko 6 Pro Bundle

Aiko 6 Pro Bundle

Aiko 6 Pro Bundle
Aiko 6 is here and she’s better than ever!

Aiko, one of DAZ 3D’s most popular 3D figures has been re-envisioned for Genesis 2 Female(s). The new Aiko introduces a unique and stylized look while still holding true Aiko’s roots. She is not only perfect for anime, manga, and toon scenes but her new look makes her much more versatile and at home in a variety of settings.

Aiko 6 is built on DAZ’s revolutionary Genesis 2 Base Female so you can mix and match her with any other Genesis 2 Base Female morph or character. So go ahead, pick her up and add her to your product library today. We know you’ll absolutely love the newest version of Aiko.

Aiko 6 Pro Bundle Includes:
Aiko 6
Aiko 6 Starter Bundle
Bow Skirt For Genesis 2 Female(s)
Essina Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Janna Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 4
Essential Aiko Poses for Aiko 6
Asian Prop Set
Capricornia for Genesis 2 Female(s)
FW Lin
Miwa Anime Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Hikari Hair
Capsces Aiko 6 Poses
Sweet Girl Poses for Aiko 6
Genesis 2 Female Genitalia

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Fiends Forever Male MEGA Bundle

Fiends Forever Male MEGA Bundle

Fiends Forever Male MEGA Bundle
Fiends Forever Male Base
Fiends Forever Male Starter Bundle
Fiends Forever Male Hairpack
My Fiend Forever Male Poses
Fiends Forever Guy Expressions
Rebel Outfit for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Escalate Outfit for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Fiends Forever Guy Poses
FWSA Tomsy

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Michael 7 Pro Bundle +

Michael 7 Pro Bundle

Michael 7 Pro Bundle
Michael has long been one of the most well-known, favored, and widely-used characters among 3D professionals and amateur artists. Michael 7, the latest iteration of the Michael model, is built on the industry-leading Genesis 3 platform making him even more life-like than ever before.

Michael 7, with his timeless handsome features and lean, defined muscular build, he is the perfect fit for any render or animation. He easily translates into any scene and is a perfect fit as a hometown military hero, a business tycoon, a professional athlete, supermodel, construction worker, actor… the possibilities are endless!

IM00022926-01 Genesis 3 Male Genitalia – 3.78 MB
IM00023037-01 Michael 7 – 114.58 MB
IM00023109-01 Fraser Hair for Genesis 2 Males – 46.33 MB
IM00023109-02 Fraser Hair for Genesis 2 Males Poser CF – 489.28 KB
IM00023109-03 Fraser Hair for Genesis 3 Males – 40.11 MB
IM00023122-01 Darrin for Genesis 3 Male – 433.43 MB
IM00023147-01 Mathew Hair for Genesis 2 Males – 130.93 MB
IM00023147-02 Mathew Hair for Genesis 2 Males Poser CF – 458.66 KB
IM00023147-03 Mathew Hair for Genesis 3 Males – 114.62 MB
IM00023206-01 Just Josh for Genesis 3 Males – 54.68 MB
IM00023207-01 Just Josh Texture Pack – 79.66 MB
IM00023216-01 The Common Man Poses for Genesis 3 Male – 938.32 KB
IM00023264-01 Michael 7 Intimates for Genesis 3 Males – 89.03 MB
IM00023265-01 Michael 7 Intimates Texture XPansion – 151.14 MB
IM00023267-01 Every day Poses for Michael 7 – 210.72 KB
IM00023268-01 Expression Set for Michael 7 and Genesis 3 Males – 57.92 KB
IM00023290-01 BlueSteel Poses for Michael 7 – 2.37 MB
IM00023331-01 LaidBack Outfit for Genesis 3 Males – 57.34 MB
IM00023332-01 LaidBack Outfit Textures – 43.34 MB
IM00023347-01 Michael 7 Expressive – 816.6 KB
IM00023371-01 Renegade for Genesis 3 Males – 24.88 MB
IM00023383-01 Sword of Time Outfit for Genesis 3 Males – 136.05 MB
IM00023385-01 Sword of Time Textures – 195.59 MB
IM00023392-01 Crimson Seas for Genesis 3 Males – 121.48 MB
IM00023394-01 Crimson Seas Outfit Textures – 213.68 MB
IM00023400-01 Dash for Michael 7 – 64.83 MB
IM00023408-01 FWSA Aiden HD for Michael 7

Increased detail
Michael 7 has increased detail in his fingers, toes, neck, mouth and chest, giving him more realistic human characteristics than previous generations.

One of the most significant improvements of Michael 7 is how he allows for individual movement of his ears, toes, chest, neck and abdomen. In addition, reworked rigging offers enhanced posing ability, creating incredible flexibility.

Facial expressions
Over 60 more points of articulation in the face provide the ability to create amazing facial expressions and express realistic emotion.

Technology advancements
New technological advancements, such as Dual Quaternion weight maps, triangle free mesh, reduce poly count and UDIM standard UV’s, make Michael 7 even more compatible with other industry standard 3D applications for ease of cross platform use.

Software Support
The industry-leading software product for leveraging the DAZ 3D models is DAZ Studio (which can be downloaded for free at Get Studio). Genesis 3 content will simply drop right into DAZ Studio seamlessly. To operate Genesis 3 content you must use the latest version of DAZ Studio available.

Michael 7 Measurements:

Height: 6’0″ (184 cm)
Chest Circumference: 39.8″ (101 cm)
Waist Circumference: 30.24″ (76.8 cm)
Low Hip Circumference: 36.84″ (93.58 cm)

Michael 7 Pro Bundle

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