Mimic Live!

Mimic Live!

Mimic Live!
Mimic Live! is a plug-in for DAZ Studio that provides real-time lip-sync functionality – talk into your microphone and your character will talk right along with you.
Mimic Live makes lip-synching your characters as simple as talking. Just talk into your microphone and your characters will be animated to match, in real-time.
This product does not currently have MAC support or functionality.

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Preta3D Reality 4.2 for Daz Studio Win x86, x64 & MacOSX

Preta3D Reality 4.2

Preta3D Reality 4.2 for Daz Studio Win x86, x64 & MacOSX
The best realism possible for DAZ Studio and Poser with the easiest, most enjoyable workflow. Nothing else comes close.
Reality is a rendering solution that extends DAZ Studio and Poser providing the most advanced Physics-Based Rendering system in the market.
Reality has built-in physics-based materials. At any time you know what kind of material your editing.

Up to 20x faster rendering
Since 2010 Reality has been the benchmark of realism for DAZ Studio and Poser. With version 4.1 it’s also extremely fast. CPU rendering is up to 20 times faster and the new GPU-based rendering is blazingly fast.

CPU+GPU+Network rendering
If your computer has a modern OpenCL-compatible GPU you can render using that device as well. With OpenCL you can use GPUs from any vendor, including AMD and nVidia. And you can use all the cores of your CPU plus the any number of GPU devices at the same time.
Reality detects your system hardware automatically and it will tell you if OpenCL is available for rendering

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Corel PaintShop Pro X8 SP1 Retail + Ultimate Pack

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 SP1 Retail + Ultimate Pack

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 SP1 Retail + Ultimate Pack
Welcome guide with Learn and Get More pages: The guide is designed to help you find learning materials and discover complementary plug-ins, applications, and content.
Dynamic content trays: New Web-enabled content trays deliver free and paid content, tools, plugins, and applications at relevant points in the application. For example, new brushes can be browsed within the existing brush tip drop-list, without leaving the application. Simply hover your pointer over the item you’re interested in to learn more.

Brush performance improvement for several retouching tools.

Issues addressed:
– Burn Brush: Fixed edge result (previously showed darker result along brush edges)
– Color Replacer: No color bleed when using the Round brush to fill shapes
– Text wrapping: Left and Center alignment results fixed. Stability improved when saving layered text wrapping files to a .pspimage format compatible with legacy versions of PaintShop Pro.
– Nikon D810: Fixed raw image color issue
– Resize dialog box: Now retains settings last used for Based on One Side
– Magic Move in scripts: Fixed reported issues related to accurate rendering of script commands
– Material Properties palette: Improved stability when adding custom swatches
– Organizer palette: Restored drag-and-drop functionality between the palette and the workspace
– Script selection: Fixed script selection issue in the Batch Process dialog box
– Adjust workspace: Restored ability to set Save As option once per session (dialog box does not open for each photo edited)

Included content and plugins:
Collection KPT – (pspx8-corel-kpt.exe)
Classic collection of 24 plug-ins that can help you create a stunning and unique effects.
After installing the plug-ins can be found in the “Effects” Corel PaintShop Pro X8 under Plugins> Collection KPT. (only in 32-bit version)

To help the designer – (pspx8-corel_creativecontent.exe)
The kit includes a brush, displacement maps, gradients, line styles, masks, frames, patterns, shapes and textures.
Installed in a folder with the existing content.

Clear by Athentech Perfectly Imaging – (Athentech_PerfectlyClear.exe)
Powerful plug-in that allows you to just a couple of mouse clicks to adjust photos to the perfect type of automatic and correct them manually.

Collection Creative – (Corel_CreativeCollection.exe)
Dozens of brushes, textures, and more than 100 backgrounds.

Install Instructions:
During installation, enter the serial number from the keygen.
In keygens choose Corel PaintShop Pro X8
Run the program, the registration window remove a tick, enter any e-mail address and click “Sign (R)”
Install update Update.exe
Install additional content, if required.

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Decimator Win – Mac 32 – 64

Decimator for DAZ Studio

Decimator Win – Mac 32 – 64
DAZ 3D is well known for high quality 3D models. DAZ 3D model artists spare no expense on the number of polygons required to create exquisite 3D shapes. And, while faster computers and advanced graphics cards have made high polygon budgets the norm, there are still reasons to want or need lower poly versions of the same high quality models. This item is not owned 100% by DAZ and therefore cannot be included in any sale, this includes the 30% PC Discount, we apologize.

Game Developers – will love being able to create lower poly versions of customized DAZ 3D figures which can be exported directly into popular game engines.

Creative Artists – will love being able to add and manipulate more characters in a scene without impacting performance. Once the scene is set, the higher poly models can be used for rendering.

Animators – will love being able to add more characters to their animations, improve performance, and reduce production times.

Decimator for DAZ Studio allows users to create any number of lower polygon versions of a high resolution model known as Levels of Detail (LODs). Use LOD features in DAZ Studio to automatically switch between models depending on factors such as distance from the camera.

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Preta3D Reality 4.1 for Daz Studio Win x86, x64 & MacOSX

Preta3D Reality

The best realism possible for DAZ Studio and Poser with the easiest, most enjoyable workflow. Nothing else comes close.
Reality is a rendering solution that extends DAZ Studio and Poser providing the most advanced Physics-Based Rendering system in the market.
Reality has built-in physics-based materials. At any time you know what kind of material your editing.

Preta3D Reality 4.1 for Daz Studio Win x86, x64 & MacOSX

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HeadShop 9

HeadShop 9 WIN

HeadShop 9 Plugin is a software product used to create 3D heads from photographs within DAZ Studio 4.7. It can accomodate user at different skill levels, from beginners to advanced 3D users and supports 3D printing.

HeadShop can be installed as a „plugin” for DAZ Studio 4.7 or higher.

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Poser Pro 2012 SR2 Update

Poser Pro 2012 Service Release SR2 – REQUIRED
Updates the shipping English version of Poser Pro 2012. Installing Service Release 2.0 (SR2) is highly recommended and will improve Poser Pro 2012 in many areas. For a full list of updates please refer to the SR2 Readme. Package includes: Service Release SR2 updater for Poser Pro 2012 and the Poser Pro 2012 Queue Manager.

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Cinema 4D is 3D for the real world. When you’re working with tight deadlines every day you need the right tool to meet just about any challenge. Cinema 4D R16 is uncompromising in meeting and exceeding these challenges. Cinema 4D Release 16 was developed with all aspects of the application in mind and features were integrated or enhanced that simplify workflow and make working with CINEMA 4D even more efficient and effective. With Cinema 4D Release 16 you’ll enjoy that optimized workflow throughout the application.

What’s New in Cinema 4D R16

Impress clients with the new Reflectance channel in Cinema 4D R16, which lets you create multi-layered materials and surfaces with breathtaking quality. You will discover new possibilities for creating complex materials ranging from beautiful car lacquer to a wide range of textile surfaces.

A precise camera reconstruction is essential for combining 3D elements with live footage for realistic-looking results. The new Motion Tracker lets you do this with just a few clicks of the mouse.

People who use Cinema 4D are problem solvers who attack problems from multiple different ways. With new motivation because of these new tools, Im really excited to see how the whole community reacts over the next couple years.

With the newly developed, multi-functional PolyPen tool – a perennial “Swiss knife” for modelers – you can intuitively paint polygons in 3D space!

The sculpting toolset in Cinema 4D R16 has been enhanced with many new and optimized tools, which makes this feature even more flexible to use and makes the tools even easier to control. High-res sculpting meshes can be imported from external applications and easily converted to low-res Cinema 4D objects with Sculpt tags, without sacrificing detail.

Take advantage of a newly developed content library, which was created with your everyday production pipeline in mind.

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Poser PhotoBox

Poser PhotoBox

Poser PhotoBox is a render tool for Poser 8 and up, providing professional render results to both experienced and beginning Poser users.
What you see here is what you get, no tricks, no complicated light settings, no photography experience required.

Highly customizable lighting and background combinations giving the artist full control
Includes a large selection of different backgrounds and colors to choose from
PhotoBox will shorten render times and give you amazing results
Create better images and brilliant promos faster than ever
An innovation in render quality, speed and ease of use

PhotoBox render dome optimized to take advantage of the Poser 8 plus indirect lighting system
6 light presets
10 backdrop presets
10 backdrop color presets
2 render presets

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DAZ Studio Win32


DAZ Studio 4.8 FREE 3D art and animation software solution includes the award winning Genesis figure platform and enhanced the NVIDIA Iray renderer. Combining two cutting edge technologies enabling users to create the most life-
like images yet.

• Create stunning, professional art and animation FREE
• Learn DAZ Studio quickly and easily with free in app tutorials
• Take your creativity to new heights with new levels of realism. DAZ Studio now has physically based rendering capabilities – this technology mimics real world lighting and materials
• Apply new and enhanced shaders and presets – quickly and easily make surface more realistic with a touch of a button
• Leverage NVIDA® GPUs, render time has substantially decreased, now render in mere seconds what took hours, with EVEN better quality
• Use advanced lighting systems to create more realistic imagery

The DAZ Studio software lets you choose from thousands of 3D people, creatures, buildings and props and place this content into a scene or “photo shoot”. Dress them, pose them, and give them expressions – once the stage is set, adjust lighting and camera angles, render incredible, realistic and professional images. Ownership of these images belongs to you. Use them as book covers, posters, or banners. Whatever you want. They’re all yours to do with and sell as you like. You can now be the artist producing jaw-dropping scenes.

Ready for the next level? DAZ Studio lets you bring your scenes to life. aniblocks, and add on plugins like Animate2 to leverage pre-built action sequences and movements, or design your own animations from scratch. Simply move and pose your figures in the scene, record those actions, and play them back. With this free software you’ll not only be creating amazing visuals, but building full computer generated movies.

DAZ also provides free video tutorials to guide you through things like laying a scene, camera angles and placement, lighting tricks and more. Learn all of the factors that make a good photo or movie great. We’ll walk you through them as you direct your own creations and bring them to life in DAZ Studio. DAZ Studio 4.8 includes the full-featured DAZ Studio 3D application and numerous add-ons such as the Content Creator Toolkit for creating your own 3D content, 3D Bridge for Adobe® Photoshop®, The Texture Atlas, the GoZ Bridge For DAZ Studio 4 to ZBrush®, the Autodesk® FBX Exporter, and more.

Simply put, this makes up the most powerful collection of 3D software available for FREE for a limited time.

Download YOUR copy NOW and embark on your own creative journey!
Watch a preview video here.

NOTE: Content Creator Toolkit, FBX Exporter, and Texture Atlas are included in the DAZ Studio (or later) installer and can be activated with the new DAZ Studio Pro Serial Number you will receive in your account after purchase.
These items have their own installers that must be downloaded after purchase:

– Genesis Starter Essentials
– Genesis 2 Starter Essentials
– 3D Bridge for Adobe Photoshop

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