i13 Bath and Shower Pose Collection

Get sudsy with this incredible collection of bath and shower poses for both the Genesis 3 Male(s) and Genesis 3 Female(s)! Poses include showering, bathing, shaving, primping, styling, washing hands, washing face, entering tub, and more!

This is a useful collection of poses you’ll be happy to refer to again and again for all of your bathroom and shower renders, plus you can use these poses in any bathroom or shower set. Also includes go to poses for the i13 Shower Set and i13 Bathroom Abadine!

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Genesis 8 Male Expressions

Genesis 8 Male Expressions

Bring your Genesis 8 Male to life. These facial morphs are sculpted to put expression on the face of your Genesis 8 Male(s). Dial up his “Fierce” face and add a bit of “Glare” to make his truly intimidating or mix and match “Happy” and “Excited” to make his ecstatic. Whatever expressions you choose will make your character look more realistic and unique.

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Expressive Faces – One-Click Morph Expressions for Victoria 8

There are a lot of faces to represent an expression, this product gives you infinite options to choose the best face for your rendering.

By using the morph dials, it is easier to choose the best facial expression needed to complete your render. Soft, strong, maybe a mix of both, it is up to you.

This pack has a total of 40 expressions, divided into categories: angry, Happy, Surprised and Sad.

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Expressive Faces – One Click Morph Expressions for Michael 8

This pack contains 20 morphs dial expressions for Michael 8, which works for Genesis 8 Male figure. You will be able to choose a soft or strong face, and mix them as you want, it`s up to you.

This pack contains 41 One click expressions too, 20 for Genesis 8 Male, 20 for Michael 8 and 1 “zero face” to reset the expression used.

Expressions are divided into categories: Angry, happy, sad, surprised and flirty.

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Aura Zen Poses for G3F and G8F

AURA ZEN – Meditation and Yoga poses by Lucila and Fabiana for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females.

25 FULL BODY + Mirrors G3
08 Upper Body + Mirrors G3
08 Lower Body + Mirrors G3
02 Head Partials G3

25 FULL BODY + Mirrors G8
08 Upper Body + Mirrors G8
08 Lower Body + Mirrors G8
02 Head Partials G8


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Z Boudoir Memories – Poses for Genesis 2 & Genesis 3 Female(s)

A Brand New G2F/V6 – G3F/V7 pose collection. These are laying down and sitting poses that can be used on any flat surface, whether on floors, sofas or beds. 20 Full Base Anywhere Poses for Genesis 2 Female. 20 Mirror Full Base Anywhere Poses for Genesis 2 Female.
20 Full Base Anywhere Poses for Genesis 3 Female. 20 Mirror Full Base Anywhere Poses for Genesis 3 Female.

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