Creepy Forest

Creepy Forest is a dark and gloomy environment; the perfect place for monsters to live and horror scenes to happen. There is a cursed oak with growing skulls surrounded by a complete set of other creepy trees, bushes, leaf clusters, and grass patches.

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The Fantastic Forest

Excellent product for creation of fantasy and adventure scenes.
Model with terrain, rocks, trees, plants, light and cameras.

-3Delight set – !!The Fantastic Forest.duf prop, Camera Fog.dsa and Sun.duf
-Iray set – Render Settings.duf and The Fantastic Forest material.duf

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Little Patch Of Grass for Daz Studio and Iray

This bundle of high poly grass props for Daz Stuido and Iray is intended to give you the ability to put some small patches, clumps or tussocks of grass in to your scene to use as a lawn or meadow (close up) or to hide and break up the bases or feet of larger objects.

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