Ron’s Detail Smoke

Ron's Detail Smoke

Ron’s Detail Smoke
In this detailed collection of smoke brushes, the attention is in the detail of nice flowing intricate lines that are very sharp and clear – plus some nice out of frame edge smoke. You have a quick tutorial on turning your smoke, easily into fire. There are 70 High Resolution Photoshop brushes and a PDF of all the brushes included. Enjoy.

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Ron’s Ink

Ron's Ink

Ron’s Ink
These are elegant fluid images of ink in water that you have not seen before, most I’ve seen are big blobs that amount to nothing, here we done a few things different and I’m sure you can tell.There are only 50 in this set but they are one of a kind and very many creative possibilites.

I’m trying to come up with quick and easy sets that might fill your cup at a price that anyone can afford. let me know what you think?
Enjoy create and have fun.

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Street Decor – Street Signs

Street Decor - Street Signs

Street Decor – Street Signs
Are you seeking a sign? Then wow do we have a collection for you. Street Decor – Street Signs includes 19 sign shapes, four post designs (with galvanized, enameled & wood finishes), a variety of hardware, and 335 premade signs. Along with the 36 individual parts for building your own sign and post combinations, you also get 12 presets for making some common street sign types. And the presets also make an easy starting point for swapping the sign used in the preset with any other type of sign.

Ron’s Apocalypse

Ron's Apocalypse

Ron’s Apocalypse
In this destroyed set of unfortunate events, crumbled cities, cracked earth, broken concrete, ruins, smoke, wastelands and many disaster style elements. I give you Brushes, Backgrounds and .PSD layers to help achieve devastation in your art.

Inked Vol.1 to Vol.8 Collection


Inked Vol.1 to Vol.8 Collection is a Python Script for adding Tattoos and Skin Art to any V4/A4/G4 Character using only the Poser Material Room. You can apply as many Tattoos as you want, just keep in mind that some Tattoos may overlay each other. Gone are the days of manually editing textures for each different character everytime you want to add a little something extra, Inked does it for you!

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Inked Vol.1
Inked Vol.2
Inked Vol.3
Inked Vol.4
Inked Vol.5
Inked Vol.6
Inked Vol.7
Inked Vol.8
DAZ Presets For !Inked v1 & v2
DAZ Presets For !inked v3 & v4
DAZ Presets For !inked Vol 5