Smugglers Tower

Small and cozy Smugglers Tower.
Made with love -)
I hope you enjoy!
yours, fan programs Poser and DAZ.
Sincerely Sergge (1971s) -)

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AlterZen – Iray Emissives and Props


Emissive materials, unique props and scene subsets.

Do you think there is not enough beauty around you?
Then let your Zen to be free and join the Earth for the glory of life.

AlterZen is more than Zen, more than light, much more than a scenery… is a place to discover!

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Fairy Village

Fairy Village is a collection of 24 props featuring a fantasy Mushroom Village with a small creek flowing through and a fantasy bridge, high resolution texturing great for closeup rendering.

Presets for Iray, 3Delight and Poser.

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Old Industrial Office Room

Old Industrial Office Room features an interior scene with two pose-able doors that load as a full scene Preload with props. (All props are separate items grouped together. So the walls, door, floor, ceiling, and props can all be individually selected to move around, or can be hidden for added versatility with camera angles.) The chair and desk with pose-drawers can also be load separately, as well as the interior by itself. Comes with both Iray and 3Delight Versions for Daz Studio 4.9

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Round Pool Deck

Round Pool Deck Environments props for Daz Studio Iray.
Pool Door Open option included.
2 sets of Cocktails, Shrub Fence, with 2 different materials.

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