Desolation – gothic backgrounds by Folkvangar

Desolation – gothic backgrounds by Folkvangar
10 Original Hig Res Backgrounds (300 dpi, 3600 x 3000 pixels!!!) + 12 variations of the 10 mentioned backgrounds + 7 structures in png format to create your own backgrounds.

You’ll find that all the backgrounds are extremely detailed and have an intense gothic and dramatic felling. They’re also huges! You won’t need to reduce your character to fit it into the background!

An indispensable product to create gothic, dark, halloween and fantasy images!!!

The 12 variations are cuts of the 10 main backgrounds with some color and effect modifications. The original backgrounds are so huge that these variations are still very big!! 1724 x 2349 the smallest. 2064 x 3390 the biggest.

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