Drusilla Headdress for Genesis 3 Female

I made the Drusilla Headdress with an ancient Priestress in mind which wears a flowing, veil smoldering around her while she is scrying the ages ahead.
The Veils are coming with numerous Pose Controls to make it as versatile as possible.
You can load the Headdress and the Veils seperately or complete.

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Piercing Adore

Piercing Adore

Piercing Adore Includes:
– 4 navel piercings (top, bottom, left and right), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 8) -> FIGURES
– 4 nipple piercings (horizontal and vertical), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 8) -> FIGURES
– 11 facial piercings (mao, monroe, philtrum, snake bite, teardrop in spikes and spheres variants; back of neck, in spikes only; nose bridge in spheres only) (total of 18) -> PROPS
– 11 intimate piercings (fourchette, labia, venus, pubic venus), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 22) -> PROPS
– 8 torso piercings (back sacral, chest, cleavage, hip, underbelly), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 16) -> PROPS
– Poser Materials for jewels (3 colors + 3x P9-PP2012 ceramic materials) and Metal (3 color variants)
– D!S Materials for jewels (6 color variants) and Metal (3 color variants)

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Baroness Jewels

This delicate jewelry set will add a touch of elegance to your renders. The comb was designed to fit the Baroness Hair but it is fully moveable and can be used with any other hairstyle, too.

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Seraphim Wings for Genesis 3

Let your characters soar to new heights with these Angelic Wings for your Genesis 3 character.

These wings are designed to naturally mould to your figure with custom made morphs that apply instantly to the back of your Genesis 3 Figures.

Realistically constructed with highly detailed textures suitable for Iray and 3Delight.

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