Zomballet Bundle

Zomballet Bundle

As the snow fell at Christmastime, zombies took over the ballet. It seems that monsters lurk around the corners of every holiday in RDNA-land. Your heart will bleed for this creepy cute expansion for the VI Jester.

Zomballerina – Rissa
Once upon a time Rissa was the Prima Ballerina of City Ballet. The best of the best. All of that changed on the night the zombies came. Tonight she is a new kind of star. The leader of the pack. The top dog. The queen of the undead ballet. The Prima Zomballerina. The Zomballerina – Rissa package is a comprehensive character package which brings the Zomballet story to life. Her hand crafted custom head morph brings the term “creepy cute” to life on your screen. Paired with a body perfectly suited for even a human ballerina Rissa is the quintessential dancer… undead or not.

Zomballet – Costumes
The Nutcracker has never looked like this before. This unique package of costumes transforms pieces from the “Art of Dance” collection into the perfect wardrobe for the Zomballerina. Carefully crafted to stay true to the iconic costumes of this beloved ballet. The Zomballerina costumes reflect not only the details of finely crafted dance wear, but the grime and other unmentionables that are unavoidable when your principal dancers are part of a legion of the undead.

Zomballet – Poses
The Corps de Ballet was unaware, of course, as they began rehearsal that night that “they” were coming. The zombies, that is. Three days later they emerged from the alley behind the theater. The Zomballerinas. They’re creepy. They’re still kind of cute. And they’re starved for human brains.

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