Xurge 3D Bundle


Xurge – 15th Century Male Attire for Poser 5
Xurge – DarkQueen_V4
Xurge – Gladiator Helmet
Xurge – Praetorian Helmet
Xurge3D 26839 – Paladin Armor for M4
Xurge3D 27544 – Paladin M4 Expansion
Xurge3D 33959 – Barbarian Armor for M4-H4
Xurge3d M3 and M4 Sci-fi Oufits
Xurge3D-108 – Fantasy Knight for M3
Xurge3D-12946 – Warmonger Fantasy Armor for M3
Xurge3D-130 – Elven Sorceress Outfit for V3
Xurge3D-13206 – Warmongers Raider Armor for M3
Xurge3D-1324 – Fantasy Amazon Queen Outfit for V3
Xurge3D-133 – Barbarian Outfit for V3
Xurge3D-136 – Dragon Queen Armor for V3
Xurge3D-1386 – Dragon Lord Fantasy Armour for M3
Xurge3D-13990 – Warmongers Fantasy Rogue Outfit for M3
Xurge3D-143 – Armor of the Red Scrolls for M3
Xurge3D-14608 – Warmongers Fantasy Rogue Outfit for V4
Xurge3D-1539 – Crimson Knight Outfit for David
Xurge3D-1791 – Fantasy Amazon Dancer Outfit for S3
Xurge3D-1893 – Fantasy Castle Guard Armor Outfit for M3
Xurge3D-20687 – Legends Ramesses for M3
Xurge3D-21362 – Legends Julius Caesar for M3
Xurge3D-236 – Dragon Princess Armor for V3
Xurge3D-23903 – Warmongers Dragon Armor for V4
Xurge3D-2512 – Warlady Armor for V3
Xurge3D-2823 – Warlord Armor for M3
Xurge3D-29265 – Warmongers Raider Armor for V4-A4
Xurge3D-315 – Night Elf Priestess Outfit for V3
Xurge3D-34450 – Fantasy Barbarian for V4
Xurge3D-3528 – Royal Knight Armor for M3
Xurge3D-3538 – Leather Outfit for V3
Xurge3D-3769- Gothic Knight Armor for M3
Xurge3D-3929 – Gothic Knight for V3
Xurge3D-4173 – Fantasy Armor for Apollo Maximus
Xurge3D-451 – Night Elves Mage of the Scrolls for V3
Xurge3D-5067 – Dark Armor for M3
Xurge3D-5068 – Dark Armor for V3
Xurge3D-513 – The Barbarian Outfit for M3
Xurge3D-5136 – Skull Warlord Armor for M3
Xurge3D-612 – Paladin Plate Armor for M3
Xurge3D-697 – Paladin Plate Armor for V3
Xurge3D-7834 – Paladin Armor for V4
Xurge3D-7835 – Fantasy Sorceress Armor for V4
Xurge3D-850 – Fantasy Elf Ranger for M3
Xurge3D-9584 – Dynasty Armor for M3

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