Kyle Character and Hair Bundle

Kyle Character and Hair Bundle

Kyle Character and Hair Bundle + Kyle Hair XPansion
This bundle brings you the full power of Kyle for Genesis 3 Male, including the character and hair. The hair can also be used with Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male and Genesis 3 Female.

Kyle Hair
Kyle Hair is a high quality brand new wild and dirty hairstyle for your male’s and female’s heads.

This high quality hair package comes with a detailed 3D mesh made of lots of small hairs strands that give this hair real-world volume and the possibility for cool dynamic looks. In combination with high quality advanced shader settings for Daz Studio Iray, this hair will add a big portion of realism to your renders.

The quality Iray shaders, based on the popular OOT IrayPair Hair shaders, completely react to your scene’s lighting for natural exposure in dark, medium or bright lighting scenarios. Additionally this sets comes with a second set of brand new Iray shaders with enhanced SSS settings.

Beneath the Iray shaders, you will also get a set of advanced UberSurface materials for Daz Studio 3Delight.
Kyle Hair comes with Fits for Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male, Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 3 Male and a selection of character fittings.
111 included morphs give you lots of possibilities for adjusting, styling, movement and fitting.

Kyle Hair XPansion
Add 40 new color options to your Kyle Hair color palette with this high quality Iray expansion package.
The included colors vary from additional uni-colors, ombre and highlights styles.
Included color options come for Daz Studio Iray only.

Kyle HD for Michael 7
Ready to stock up your Library with some testosterone? Here’s Kyle, an edgy and masculine yet handsome character for Michael 7.

Long hours of work went into the morphs to create a truly unique character. The skin was crafted from high-res photos, no resources were used. The textures are based on the Genesis 3 Male Base UV maps, so the skin will work with every other character. Iray and 3Delight materials are included

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