Forest Path

Forest Path
The forest path winds through a fir-wood alongside the low hills, sloping stones, flower meadows. A sharp turn is closed by a hill and wayfarer going down the road does not see that around the bend it waits for the fork of the path, and maybe fate. Sun-warmed rocks provide an opportunity to relax in the shade of a spreading spruce. There is burrow behind the hill where possibly animal lives.

This scene is created from a plurality of individual objects. For example you can turn off/on trees, flowers, plants, bushes or move its.

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  1. hellen 2 years ago

    Whats the key of the link?

  2. cstucki60 2 years ago

    I need also the key for the third part. THX chris

  3. gmaa 2 years ago

    mega has bad decryption key on the third file.

    • Author 2 years ago

      Ahh sorry. Now perfect. Maybe 🙂

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