Bachelor Bedroom

Bachelor Bedroom

From Dark ‘n’ Sleek to Light ‘n’ Airy, the Bachelor Bedroom is a sexy addition to your Daz Studio Library.
2 Full Preset Load Options for one-click Render-Ready scenes.
2 Different color schemes for all pieces – Dark Sleek and Bright Airy.
Specifically built and shaded for Daz Studio’s Iray rendering engine. 3Delight renders may need a little tweaking for things like glass and metal.

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  1. xornxenophon 2 years ago

    It seems to need a Keyword.

    And it is NOT I tried it…

    • Author 2 years ago

      Do not require a password.

      • xornxenophon 2 years ago

        Well, does ask for a krypto-key…

        • Author
 2 years ago

          Hello, link changed. Thank you

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