After School Detention

After School Detention

After School Detention
It was the same in most school, The principal took care of the administration, but it was the Vice Principal that dealt with the discipline. And if the punishment warranted, After School Detention was often called for. The hard wood maple chairs outside his office were never comfortable, but they served their purpose.

This old inner city school has seen better days. Some sections of the old wainscoting remain, having survived the last renovation around ten years ago when they put in the lockers. At least the fluorescent tube lighting that hanged from the ceiling provided plenty of light. The vice principal’s office and his admin assistance office have functioning doors with wired safety glass inserts.

The posters on the wall as well and the smaller flyer leaflets are also included. There is a T-Junction hall at the far end and a custodial steel door room within sight of the principal’s Office. The lockers have built in combination dials. Each of the other doors are functional and open and close, and there is a partial room space beyond each, thought the focus of this set is the Detention hallway space and chairs.

Scene includes plenty of camera angles, and separate full scene loads for both Daz Studio 3Delight and Iray with optimized material setting and light set up for each. These ready to render environments will render as seen in the promos. There is also a Waste Bin in the corner, in an attempt to keep the school clean. The principal’s Office room space is included, but furnishings will be available separately. Check links.

Character figures shown are for scale and visualization purposes and are available individually from the Daz store. There are also ten poses for Genesis 2 Male included, seated, standing and walking.

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