IDG Iray Essentials – Daz Horse 2 and Centaur 7

IDG Iray Essentials – Daz Horse 2 and Centaur 7

Breathe some new life into your Library and add a little Iray magic to the content you already own. IDG Iray Essentials brings you high quality custom Iray materials for your Daz Horse 2. Give your figures a little Uber Iray boost with these simple, easy to use, one click solutions.

IDG Iray Essentials uses the existing texture maps from the Daz Horse 2 Pro Bundle and adds hand crafted bump maps for the horse’s coat. Additionally, new textures maps and hair colors for the tail and mane were created. There are partial material presets to change the mane, tail, coat, eyes, and hooves individually, as well as 16 full body presets that will apply to the coat, mane and tail in one go. Never before has the Daz Horse 2 enjoyed such flexibility of customization.

As a bonus, the material presets provided here have been saved to apply directly to the horse half of the Genesis 3 Centaur, both as full presets, and with interchangeable tails, and coats. The Daz Horse 2 Pro Bundle is not required to use the Centaur presets, and the Centaur is not required to use the horse presets.

Update May 2017: Added Centaur 7 Female presets.

All of the promotional pictures were rendered using the Iray environment setting of sun/sky, so no special lighting is required to achieve results as shown.

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