Polygon City, the City Center


Polygon City, the City Center
Welcome to Polygon City, a huge and complete scene for Poser with shops, apartment buildings,
office buildings, carparks and lots of other stuff.
Its the perfect scene for stories because of all the extra options like doors that can be opened and
traffic lights that work.

It comes with a complete set of light presets, and camera presets to bring you to the 5 different
zones of the city.
There complete city is made up out of 7 presets: the groundplane, a tram overhead lines prop,
and 5 “zone” prests with all the buildings, landposts, trees, traffic lights etc.
The complete city can be loaded with just a few mouse-klicks.

All the items (buildings, landposts, traffic lights, trees etc.) in the city are repositionable
and they are all included as separate items too, so you can build your own city or use them in
other scenes.

There is an optional tram available that fits the track perfectly.

Check out the online ReadMe for all included items and options.

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