Henrika’s M4 Fantasy Gens


Henrika’s M4 Fantasy Gens
This set includes genital textures for a number of characters for M4, as well as independent figures, that were sold without genital textures.

All genital textures are made for the M4 genital figure from Daz3d, but will also work with Channing’s M4 Gens Expansion set.

See below for the list of characters you will find genital textures for in this set:

-Vargr for M4
-Reptilliad M4
-Dragalien for M4
-Drow for M4
-Daz Troll
-Horde (SA)
-Havoc (SA)
-Alpha (SA)
-EI Femasu
-EI He-bot
-EI Grey

For Poser 7+.

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