DeepSpace3D’s Saurian Soldier PosePack 1


DeepSpace3D’s Saurian Soldier PosePack 1
DeepSpace3D presents: The Saurian Soldier PosePack_1 – a set of ten carefully crafted poses for the Saurian Soldier and ten carefully matched poses for V4. A conforming, morphable genital is also included for the Saurian Soldier. The Saurian Soldier is an alien warrior whose lineage is more dinosaur/reptilian than mammal. Ferocious, powerful and versatile – the Saurian Soldier is now ready for another kind of action. A set of 10 Saurian Soldier poses. A complimentary set of 10 V4 poses. A conforming gen figure with its own morphs. Three different high resolution texture sets, each in P6 or P9 Sub Surface Scattering format for the gens.

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