Dagger Dreams


Dagger Dreams
Ah, welcome back to my little store. Seeking something a bit smaller, eh?

Well, that one there is of a classic style, originally part of a pair owned by the late Duke. It’s finely forged, with a passage from an ancient text engraved on the blade.

That one? It’s known as a Main-Gauche, intended as a parrying dagger, and custom ordered by the pirate Captain Proper. He ordered one for each hand because he’s ambidextrous, you know.

The slender, curved daggers are Elven Fighting Knives. The handles are made from Valley Dragon horns, the smaller horns above the eyes. Sharp and swift, they have an entire fighting style based on their clever design.

Oh, I see, you settled on those ceremonial Druid’s knives. There’s no steel in them, you know. The metal’s some sort of solidified natural energy. No magical effects from what I can see, but they sure are pretty, aren’t they?

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