Brothers for Growing Up Genesis 2 Male(s) and M6


Brothers for Growing Up Genesis 2 Male(s) and M6
Presenting Brothers – A selection of young boys, teens and an adult for Genesis 2 Male(s) and Michael 6.

The Brothers bring a stunning variety of human body shapes and age inspired morphs for all of your 3D renderings, whilst making use of the ‘Growing Up’ package for Genesis 2 Male(s)/M6 by Zev0.

They feature five custom full body & head morphs for Genesis 2 Male(s), as well as presets based on Michael 6.

Also included is a large selection of skin variations, just to add a bit more fun!

The Brothers also come with bald or hair textured heads, as well as a torso hair option and two sets of DAZ Studio materials: EHSS, and Adv SSS shades for human skin tones. Best of all, the UV map is based on M5 UV, so Genesis users can make use of the skin as well for its characters.

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