Aging Morphs 2 for Genesis 2 Male(s) and M6 HD


Aging Morphs 2 for Genesis 2 Male(s) and M6 HD
Aging Morphs 2 for Genesis 2 Male(s)/M6 is an extensive morph package that gives you the power to transform your character into an elderly figure. With a total of 60 morphs and four smoother morphs, you can age what you want and by how much you want. Make your characters slightly older, or very old, just by the slide of a few dials.

Also included are eight individual HD and semi HD morphs that can be dialed together or on their own. Designed on the base shape, this makes them fully universal and able to be applied and stacked with character specific HD morphs or shapes.

This product also includes Faceweight morphs. It is a unique set designed to add more diversity to your characters. Give them fatter cheeks, double chins or a thicker neck without affecting their base appearances. Now you can get a wide variety of different weighty looks, and turn supermodels into average Joe’s with ease. This set includes 13 morphs including two smoother morphs.

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