Snowflake for Aiko 7

Snowflake for Aiko 7

Snowflake for Aiko 7
The snowflakes were falling from the sky when a beautiful baby girl with skin as white as snow was born. Now, the baby girl is a beautiful lady and she is looking forward to be the star of many adventures, hoping to find a handsome prince in your library.

Her skin textures, based on Genesis 3 Base Female UV maps, were painted with multiple tools as Mudbox, ZBrush and Photoshop. They were enhanced with Iray and 3Delight material presets.

Her face morph is based in Aiko 7 and Genesis 3 Female Head morphs with custom adjustments added in ZBrush. Her body is Aiko’s body set at 80 percent.

Promotional images rendered with NVIDIA Iray, except the image identified with the Daz Studio logo that was rendered with 3Delight.

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