SAV Dragon Lady Outfit

Fantasy Super conforming Clothing Set for V4, consists of Dress,Sleeves and Pantie.
They are fully loaded with FBM adjustment and posing morphs, the most of
V4 morphs++, Muscle, Elite and GND4.2 morphs.
12 fantasy poses for V4 and matching sculpted posing morphs for the clothing.
50 FBM empty morph channels, 5 transparency style presets for the dress
and 2 color tone options.

The dress contains 3 skirt handled groups for easier adjustment.
the Sleeves come in separated Cr2 character for easier usage,
they also contain 2 handled extra groups for easier posing.

Product Requirements: Poser 7+ and/or Daz Studio 2.2+, V4.2 .Optional: SASE Kaida, GND4.2

SAV Dragon Lady Outfit:

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