Fit Control for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female(s)

Fit Control for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female(s)

Don’t just give your figure clothing, give them ones with Fit Control. Ever wish your clothing could just do that little bit more? Fit Control is a set of universal morphs designed to give your figure’s clothes added functionality and also aims to reduce that shrink-wrapped effect once fitted onto your figure. Load clothing from a different gender, or even ones made for older generation figures, Fit Control works with them all.

Using a powerful script, it adds morphs to any clothing, be it one or multiple sets. The Fit Control morph values are also independent from each other meaning the same morph can have a different value on another clothing item resulting in more dynamic control.

As a bonus, it also contains movement morphs for underwear type clothing, some of which can also be applied to other clothing types as well.

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