Miki 4.0

Miki 4 – Fully Weight Mapped and Gorgeous as Ever!
Miki 4 from Smith Micro sets a new standard for 3D Human characters for Poser. She’s wonderfully life-like, richly featured, and very easy to use. Her beautiful, Amerasian influenced, athletic physique is an anatomically accurate full body morph of Miki 3 with full Poser 9 compliant Vertex Weight Mapping for superior bending and posing and Subsurface Scattering for photorealistic skin. Miki 4 includes abundant Advanced Body Controls for faster posing, Joint Controlled Morphs for muscle and tendon movement, with an extensive set of facial expressions and phonemes for synthesized speech.

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12 thoughts on “Miki 4.0

  1. many thanks for uploading this. miki 4 is a nice model, this one is exe version tho, i have a fully usable zipped copy, i have a mac but i extracted the files from the PKG so it has the Runtime folder and 2 help files. I am not sure if I am allowed to post an alternate link in the comments.

  2. Hey, I’m having problems downloading from Juno. Could you re-up this on zippyshare? Hope you had a merry Christmas, and have a happy new year:-)

  3. Thanks for re-upping, however I’m now having another problem. Since the file is a windows executable, I’m using Wineskin to run it, as I’m on a Mac. I generally don’t have any trouble doing this, but in this instance the Miki installer starts looking for the path to Poser. I have poser on my mac, but no matter where I aim the installer. it doesn’t recognize it, and won’t install. Any thoughts?

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